September 2016

Stigma and Properties - What does it mean?

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

Occasionally, when selling a house, or bringing a buyer to a property, we come across what is referred to as a 'stigma' associated with the property or area. Examples include:
  • the property was used in the ongoing commission of a crime (e.g., drug dealing, chop shop, brothel);
  • a murder or suicide occurred at the property;
  • the property was previously ow...

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Can I look at other offers while I've accepted a condtional offer?

Posted on Sep 18, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

I have just accepted a conditional offer on my house. Can I still look at other offers?When you decide to sell your home, you can look at as many offers as you want.Even if you accept a conditional offer, you can look at others because the conditional offer is not final and binding on you and the buyer until a...

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