July 2016

Three Season Cottages and Winterized Buildings

Posted on Jul 15, 2016 in Real Estate FAQ

In Muskoka and Ontario's cottage-country there are many properties for sale that are advertised as "three season" ,"4 season", or "year-round" homes / cottages. Buyers need to beware when purchasing a cottage or home because buildings are sometimes misrepresented or misunderstood using these terms.

Year-round dwellings are built with the same minimu...

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Buying or Selling a Rural Property

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

If you want to live outside of a city or town you may be looking at buying a rural property. For the purpose of this post 'rural' is describing a property NOT on sewer, municipal water, or natural gas services. If you're looking at a FARM property, this applies to you, plus a few other things to look out for: see here for more specifics.
When lookin...

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